In 1969, 16 year-old Brent Reichard fell in love with the burger joint he worked for in Santa Barbara, California. Four years later, Reichard and his brother Bruce bought the business with money borrowed from their mother, and The Habit Burger Grill was born. Today, the quickly expanding chain can be found across California and Arizona. The restaurants incorporate green features such as rain-collecting cylinders to recycle water, renewable construction materials and eco-friendly painting supplies. In addition to new restaurants, the business this year launched a mobile food truck in Orange County, California. 

LocationIrvine, Calif.
2010 Systemwide Sales$41,800,000
% Change in Sales49.3%
2010 U.S. Units33
% Change in Units26.9%
2010 Average Unit Volume$1,300,000
% Change in AUV8.3%
Future 50 Year2011