The vision for this upscale casual is laid out clearly in the forward of its cookbook: “Yankee Connecticut might be the last place you’d expect a tapas bar and restaurant to be successful, but [the owners] have proved that tasty, quickly prepared Spanish-inspired food … can be a hit anywhere.” That was five years and four locations ago. Here, “chef-driven” means  that about a third of the menu is tailored by the chef at each location. And chefs make face time with guests a priority with in-house cooking classes.

LocationNorwalk, Conn.
2013 Systemwide Sales$33,800,000*
% Change in Sales25.2%
2013 U.S. Units9
% Change in Units50.0%
2013 Average Unit Volume$4,500,000*
% Change in AUV0.0%
Future 50 Year2014