This shop helped launch the cupcake craze in the U.S. with its more than 50 varieties of fresh-baked, gourmet cupcakes. While it fared well in this ranking based on 2013 sales, Crumbs is not off to a bright start in 2014. A filing with the SEC in May noted that auditors have doubts about its ability to continue growing. In fact, it’s gone down in size, reporting 58 locations in the filing, a dip from 65 in March of this year.

Editor's note: Perhaps as evidence of too much growth too fast, Crumbs announced on July 7 (after The Future 50 article went to press) the abrupt closure of all of its stores. A week later, it filed bankrupty in accordance with a deal it struck with Dippin' Dots founder Marcus Lemonis to takeover the cupcake chain. The plan: Reinvent the concept with a slightly broader focus on sweets and snacks.

LocationNew York City, N.Y.
2013 Systemwide Sales$48,000,000*
% Change in Sales11.6%
2013 U.S. Units78
% Change in Units32.2%
2013 Average Unit Volume$701,000*
% Change in AUV-11.0%
Future 50 Year2014