One blogger pegs Sharky’s this way: “Think Chipotle, but with more stuff on the menu, organic ingredients and real plates.” Sharky’s stands out for a few more reasons: As its name suggests, stone wood-fired ovens are used to cook many of the 40-some menu items. Beyond burritos and rice bowls, there are pizzas, enchiladas, salads and more. Adult beverages are a focus, and the decor leans more casual than fast with leather booths that invite lingering. Expansion plans focus on Western states.

LocationWestlake Village, Calif.
2013 Systemwide Sales$33,600,000
% Change in Sales25.4%
2013 U.S. Units21
% Change in Units10.5%
2013 Average Unit Volume$1,600,000
% Change in AUV10.3%
Future 50 Year2014