If mainstream consumers would try Veggie Grill’s meatless signatures, they’d likely be hooked. Or so management is betting in developing the concept as a flavor craver’s alternative to conventional (read: fat-reliant) fast-food joints. They insist their meat replacements are as tasty and chewy as the real thing. Still, preconceptions can be stubborn; can meat lovers be coaxed to try something labeled veggie? The breadth of Veggie Grill’s appeal could depend on a flexivore’s true flexibility. 

LocationWestlake Village, Calif.
2013 Systemwide Sales$26,600,000*
% Change in Sales60.7%
2013 U.S. Units22
% Change in Units46.7%
2013 Average Unit Volume$1,400,000*
% Change in AUV0.0%
Future 50 Year2014