In the fast-growing, build-your-own pizza category, three-year-old Blaze claims to be the most ambitious, adding delivery and boasting that it has the most locations open, the most in the pipeline, low opening and operating costs and AUVs higher than pre-IPO Chipotle. Right up there with its made-from-scratch dough and “clean ingredients” messaging is its 180-seconds service promise. It foresees 2,000 units in the U.S. with some high-profile backers, including Lebron James, Maria Shriver and basketball-star-turned-Power-20-franchisee Junior Bridgeman. 

LocationPasadena, Calif.
2014 Systemwide Sales$33,000,000*
% Change in Sales230.0%
2014 U.S. Units50
% Change in Units400.0%
2014 Average Unit Volume$1,500,000
% Change in AUV-8.1%
Future 50 Year2015