Its name is deceiving—Lemonade is much more than a place for consumers to quench their thirst. It’s a hip cafeteria with an international menu and designer dishware that reflect Los Angeles’s diverse neighborhoods. Billing itself as a healthy fast casual, Lemonade’s “seasonal Southern California comfort food” menu offers more than the usual kale salads and wraps. It has braises, chili, sandwiches, salads and, of course, seven lemonade choices to wash it all down. Average check is $11.50. The chain’s growth currently is limited to California.

2014 Systemwide Sales$36,000,000
% Change in Sales40.6%
2014 U.S. Units16
% Change in Units23.1%
2014 Average Unit Volume$2,500,000*
% Change in AUV1.8%
Future 50 Year2015