The “B” has three meanings: burgers, beer and bourbon. While each location’s menu differs slightly to reflect regional beers and specialty dishes made with local produce, the three b’s remain at the core of every menu. Signature burgers are made from hormone-free, antibiotic-free meat that’s ground by in-house butchers; the burgers then are cooked and served to order with either “some pink” or “no pink.” The drink menu boasts a large selection of “really good bottled craft beer,” and some in cans, and the chain has certified beer cicerones on staff to help guests order.

LocationHarford, Conn.
2015 Systemwide Sales$25,600,000*
% Change in Sales24.9%
2015 U.S. Units9
% Change in Units28.6%
2015 Average Unit Volume$3,200,000*
% Change in AUV1.3%
Future 50 Year2016