Gap Between DSRs and Manufacturers Can Be Bridged

CHICAGO (January 10, 2012 - PRNewswire)—Technomic, Inc., a Chicago-based food industry research firm in partnership with The Association of Foodservice Distributor Representatives (AFDR) has initiated its DSR Immersion Program that provides foodservice manufacturers a direct link to top DSRs via online research, one-on-one discussions and panels. The first conference was hosted in November of 2011 in Chicago with seven DSRs from the leading broadline distributor organizations participating in this open and engaging program.

During lengthy discussions between top performing DSRs and manufacturer sales and marketing executives at the November conference, it becme clear that certain “disconnects” exist in both supplier/distributor communication and in DSR support programs. However, these disconnects are ones that can be overcome, often through low-cost modifications to training, information sharing, deployment, and/or methods of communication.

“DSRs are a critical link in the channel, and it’s imperative for all manufacturers to optimize their relationships with DSRs. Hearing first-hand how to do so is absolutely invaluable,” according to Bob Goldin, Executive Vice President of Technomic. Dave Miesse, Chief Executive Officer for AFDR adds, “In my 30+ years in the industry, this immersion session was the best example of bringing manufacturers and DSRs together, face-to-face, to facilitate a better understanding of what’s needed to achieve mutual success.”

Technomic and AFDR will be conducting future DSR immersion sessions on March 28th and June 27th of 2012. In order to promote extensive DSR/supplier interaction, attendance is limited to the first 12 sponsors to enroll. For more information on this program or related research contact Bob Goldin at 312-506-3936 or rgoldin@technomic.com or Alan Hyatt at 312-952-1519 or alanhyatt@technomic.com.


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