Garlic Scapes

Foragers are picking them and chefs are building plates around them—those curly green tops that sprout from the garlic bulb. Garlic scapes appear on the culinary scene for a short period in spring and the time is now to incorporate the tender, fragrant stalks on the menu.

Restaurant North
Armonk, NY
Poached Cod in Garlic Scape Cream; $NA

Washington, DC
Ramp, Garlic Scape & Asparagus Soup; part of $39 Tasting Menu

Garlic Scapes Food Truck
Santa Ana, CA
Garlic Fries with Feta and Scape Sauce; $5

Hudson's Restaurant
Akron, OH
Farm-to-Table Garlic Dinner at Thaxton's Organic Farm; $125

The Fat Radish
New York, NY
Olive Oil Poached Atlantic Cod, erase potatoes, broccoli rabbi, garlic scapes and spring onions; $25


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