Gay ad wasn’t Taco Bell’s work, chain says

Taco Bell resolved some of the mystery about a potentially controversial YouTube video by declaring it had nothing to do with the post but admired the content and presentation and would welcome a sit-down with the true authors.

The spot featured two gay men enjoying a Taco Bell breakfast while planning what else they could do that morning. The possibilities included dressing like pirates and finding treasure, spooning in a picnic setting and getting married to each other.

Because of the high production quality, including food shots and the use of Taco Bell logos, speculation arose that the video was a commercial the chain produced for gay consumers but had not aired. “Hilarious Taco Bell ad gives a thumbs up to gay marriage,” reported the website AddictingInfo.org.

It wasn’t us, the chain told the website Mediaite.com. “We didn’t create this ad, but we can see the people who did share the same Live Mas passion for our brand -- and our breakfast—as we do,” the statement read. “Although we cannot condone unauthorized use of our intellectual property, we are impressed with their work and would be open to meeting with them.”

Speculation continues to swirl on blog sites and elsewhere on the internet about who actually produced the spot. 


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