If summer were a soup it would surely be gazpacho. With the intermingling flavors of a vegetable garden in full bloom, gazpacho is as healthy as it is refreshing. Although it is often hailed as a contemporary Californian classic, the cold soup's roots are buried deep in antiquity. While no one knows exactly where gazpacho came from or what the name means, many Spanish dictionaries declare that it originated in the Andalusian region of southern Spain, where it remains popular. These modern American chefs' interpretations show just how versatile, trendy and tropical American gazpacho can be. 

Eleven Madison Park
New York City
Gazpacho of Cherry Lane Farm Strawberries with Hawaiian Blue Prawns; $14

Baltimore, Maryland
Gazpacho with Crab Fritter; $7, $9

Santa Barbara, California
Cool Cucumber Gazpacho with lemon olive oil

Havana Cuba Cuisine
Walnut Creek, California
Mango Gazpacho; $5

The Table Restaurant
Sarasota, Florida
Lobster Gazpacho; $5.95

F. Scott's Restaurant And Jazz Bar
Nashville, Tennessee
Wild Caught Shrimp and Avocado Gazpacho; $9


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