Ginsberg's Awarded 2011 Foodservice Distributor of the Year by Unipro

HUDSON, NY (December 7, 2012)—Unipro Foodservice, Inc. recently awarded Ginsberg's Foods Foodservice Distributor of the Year.

Principal and Executive Vice President at Ginsberg’s Foods, Nancy Ginsberg, couldn't be more proud. “It’s important!” she emphasizes. “Our team has worked hard to get where we are today.”

Nancy Ginsberg, principal and Executive Vice President at Ginsberg’s Foods, is working hard to stay ahead of trends.   Her big plans for the future include using local farms as resources, working at increasing the nutritional value of institutional foods and creating a new food show for television.  The family-run company was recently named Foodservice Distributor of the Year.

PHOTO CREDIT: Robert Trowbridge

Currently under the leadership of CEO and President David Ginsberg, the company was started by the Ginsberg family as a grocery store in 1909. They now market more than 7,000 nationally branded products and deliver within a radius of up to three hours, or roughly 250 miles. “We can be in Boston, Hartford, Harrison, Hoboken, Hallstead, Hamilton and Brattleboro and back in one day,” says Nancy Ginsberg. “We think expanding our market without increasing our footprint seems like a natural progression. In other words, more customers without higher fuel costs.”

UniPro is the nation’s largest purchasing, marketing, and operating services organization for independent foodservice distributors. Its membership is comprised of over 650 independent foodservice distributors in the United States whose purchasing volume is in excess of $58 billion in collective sales.








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