Go kid krazy!

Kids influence where their parents dine out at least 50% of the time in the casual dining segment. If kids like to eat in your restaurant, you can bet their parents will hear about it the next time they're deciding where to eat. What types of things do you do to create a place kids will remember?

Kid's menus

  • Look like Mom and Dad's menu
  • "Mini-menus" for mini hands
  • Smaller number of special selections

Treat 'em like guests

  • Specifically welcome kids at the door
  • Speak to directly at the table
  • Invite them to bring Mom & Dad back soon

Eating with ease

  • Booster chairs
  • Special trays
  • Kid-sized silverware
  • Unique krackers or kookies

Kids' night "focus group"

  • Ask 'em what they want
  • Hold a special Kids' Night
  • Prepare new kids' dishes
  • Kreate a kid-friendly survey

"Kid Koordinators"

  • Designate kid-loving employees
  • Pay special attention to young guests
  • Wear fun shirts or krazy hats

Kids koloring kontest

  • Hold a menu kover contest
  • Invite elementary school classes
  • Provide pre-printed menu shells, paints and krayons
  • Special prize for the winner

Don't cringe when you see kids walk in your door. Instead, see them as important guests who should be included in your internal and external marketing plans. Creating a fun and tasty dining experience will help turn them into some of your biggest fans and loyal customers.


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