Golbon Re-Introduces Recipe for Success

"We are now able to say that we have completed the circle by bringing together our suppliers, distributors, and their customers together in a very interactive manner," said Dan Reading, vice president of marketing. "It is our intent to provide multiple services and promotional offerings from national suppliers into the hands of our distributors' customer base. We will also use this site as a resource for DSRs to obtain training materials, report industry trends, and offer exclusive promotions to Golbon distributors."

According to the group, only operators purchasing from Golbon distributors can register and get access to the website, which makes available to them promotions, articles, and other tools that can be utilized for their businesses. Operators can also access product and nutritional information by directly linking into the supplier's website.

"We have given the operator a one-stop shop source for information from top national suppliers without having to surf the net endlessly. By consolidating all of this information, we are confident that these operators will try new products, run more specials, and be able to increase sales to their customers," Reading said in the statement.

The Operator Toolbox section of the website features an array of information, including menu and marketing strategies, employee training, cost control, and food safety.

"We will feature two of these valuable articles per month and send our subscribed operators a semi-monthly e-newsletter with these tools, plus feature new promotions and contests. By communicating more with our users, we are going to see phenomenal results in all areas of the site," Reading said.


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