Gordon Food Service Taps QRadar Security Management System

The system enables GFS to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and to help secure the mission-critical elements of its distributed network.

According to Q1 Labs, GFS has deployed QRadar to provide it with the essential information and visibility it needs to show that it is properly monitoring and responding to various network-based fraud, threats and events. In addition, GFS uses its network infrastructure as a competitive differentiator and, as a result, needs to have critical visibility across its entire network so any threats can be minimized and dealt with swiftly, without impacting the company’s reputation or commitment to meeting customers’ needs.

By installing QRadar, which features integrated log management, security event management, and deep analytic capabilities, GFS can now scrutinize network behavior, manage infrastructure logs, collect events from firewalls, and access control devices to quickly and easily assess their relative importance to the company’s overall security posture. “If we didn’t have QRadar to help analyze the large amount of application traffic coming into and out of our network, it would be very difficult to identify the anomalies that the company views as legitimate threats,” says Ron Porritt, information security engineer for Gordon Food Service. “Moreover, QRadar had enough features and functionality right out-of-the-box to provide us with immediate value in the areas of compliance and security.”

In addition to validating the company’s PCI DSS compliance efforts, QRadar has helped GFS improve its ability to monitor and respond to security events and threats, according to the company’s release. “Since deploying QRadar on its corporate infrastructure, Gordon Food Service has been able to identify and eradicate a variety of network threats, including malware and viruses, along with network misconfigurations.”


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