Gourmet Fusion Seafood Signs National Distribution Agreement With U.S. Foodservice

LAS VEGAS (June 8, 2011)—Prime Star Group, Inc. announced that its subsidiary, Gourmet Fusion Seafood, signed a National Distribution Agreement with U.S. Foodservice, and received a National Vendor Identification Number. U.S. Foodservice is #2 in the ID Top 50 and the largest independently-owned broadline foodservice distributor in the country.

As a result of Gourmet Fusion Seafood's initial success with U.S. Foodservice, it will use its National Vendor authorization to begin building a national presence with U.S. Foodservice, starting with large markets such as Los Angeles and San Francisco. Gourmet Fusion Seafood has already introduced and shipped Lobster, Shrimp, and Salmon Slider samples throughout the Las Vegas and Reno markets.

The U.S. Foodservice sales force sampled the Lobster and Shrimp Sliders at the Vendor Fair in San Diego, California last January with positive response.

Nino Zizzo, corporate chef for the seven Busalacchi Restaurants in San Diego, stated, "The seafood sliders have been well-received."

Gourmet Fusion Seafood added the skills of Chef Brian Thompson to help create products that were both healthy and delicious. Throughout his professional history as a Personal Chef, Private Chef and Executive Chef for restaurants and catering companies, Chef Brian has navigated his "Chef's Career Path" from the public sector, to the private sector, and now through the manufacturing aspect of the Food Production Industry. 

Gourmet Fusion Seafood also had the opportunity to cook at the American Culinary Federation Golf Tournament in Las Vegas during May. Chef Brian Thompson prepared Lobster, Shrimp and Salmon Slider snacks on the golf course for participating distributors and customers in the Las Vegas Market

Chef Brian stated, "We are excited about our National Distribution relationship with U.S. Foodservice, Inc. These 'crab-cake like' medallions make great slider sandwiches, and are also great on salads, appetizers, and numerous creative entrees."

The company uses wild-caught Maine lobster, Gulf shrimp and Pacific salmon in its sliders. They've posted videos of their slider production process on their Facebook page.


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