Citrus is a bright spot on menus during the colder days of winter. Grapefruit is now being featured in sweet and savory dishes as well as seasonal cocktails. Chefs are capitalizing on the sweet and sour notes of the ruby red fruit to add fresh flavor.

La Birreria
New York, NY
Cavolo Nero Con Salsa: Chopped mixed kale, grapefruit, pomegranate, poppy seed frico with anchovy vinaigrette; $13

Blueacre Seafood
Seattle, WA
Ruby Grapefruit, Daikon and Jicima Salad: pink peppercorn vinaigrette and frisee; $NA

America Eats Tavern
Washington, D.C.
Shrimp in Grapefruit Cocktail; $14

Austin, TX
Taraba to kankitsu: Dungeness crab, candy-stripe beet, grapefruit and avacado; $16

Nobu Fifty Seven
New York, NY
Grapefruit Martini: Right Gin, elderflower liqueur, fresh grapefruit and lime juice with grated zest; $18

Branch 27
Chicago, IL
Beet Salad: Ruby red grapefruit, hazelnuts, teleggio cheese and arugula; $9

The Optimist
Atlanta, GA
Grapefruit Tart: candied honeysuckle and Venezuelan white chocolate; $8

Foreign Cinema
San Francisco, CA
Smoked Salmon: ruby grapefruit and endive salad with crème fraiche and black tobiko; $14


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