Green Choice Vendors Distribution Launches Eco-Centric Online Supplies Store

New York, NY (Sept. 9) Green Choice Vendors Distribution, a wholesale distributor of products and packaging for foodservice, has launched FoodBizSupply.com, an online marketplace offering eco-friendly, sustainable supplies and personalized customer service.

FoodBizSupply.com serves as source for more than 300 biodegradable and compostable products made from natural renewable resources, including sugarcane bagasse, bamboo fiber and corn. Unlike Styrofoam and petro-based plastics, FoodBizSupply.com products are biodegradable and 70 percent are compostable, according to the company.

Products available on the site range include straws, hot and cold cups, plates, bowls, trays, cutlery, takeout containers, deli and sushi containers, soup cups, catering trays, paper products, bags, cleaning supplies and more. FoodBizSupply.com carries innovative products by leading brands including Bare by Solo, Clorox Green Works, EATware, Bioplus EARTH, Gojo, Tork, and Solut!, among many others.

The company was founded with a dual business goal in mind: to empower foodservice operators to reduce waste and make their own businesses more successful in the process. In this pursuit, FoodBizSupply.com offers a low one-case-minimum, enabling both commercial and individual buyers to go green without having to meet traditional distributor minimum orders.

New products are researched and tested to provide clients the best options available. Live assistance is on standby to help buyers find the right green solutions and make educated purchasing decisions. FoodBizSupply.com is also outfitted to help clients promote their brand responsibly through their custom printing program.

FoodBizSupply.com ships nationwide and offers bulk order discounts. Volume buyers can enjoy even greater savings with container load ordering on popular items such as sugarcane bagasse cafeteria trays.


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