Hawkeye Implements Manhattan Associates Replenishment Solution

According to the distributorship, it chose Manhattan Associates' Replenishment solution to avoid the pitfalls of inventory surpluses, overcrowded warehouses and spoiled product that result from inaccurate demand forecasting and to reach an impressive goal of increasing inventory turns from nine to 15 per year.

"With Manhattan Associates' Replenishment solution, we can access a real-time picture of the company's forecast—ensuring a high level of accuracy which is essential in the food product industry," explains Drew Beck, vice president of purchasing and marketing at Hawkeye Foodservice. "During a year of more than 9% growth, we have been able to reduce inventory levels. Inventory turns are increasing, seasonal fluctuations are minimized and service levels are up. We are able to accomplish more with the same staff. The Replenishment solution is just what we needed to achieve our goals."


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