The elegant hazelnut plays on the palate with complex flavor notes making it a desirable ingredient for sweet and savory dishes. These restaurants are using hazelnuts in a variety of cooking styles to add depth to winter menus.

The Dutch
New York, NY
Fall salad, country ham, pear and hazelnuts; $15

Casa Tua
Miami, FL
Seared beef tenderloin with foie gras, toasted hazelnuts and leeks; $N/A

Café des Architectes
Chicago, IL
Noir chocolate dessert with hazelnuts and muscato ice cream; $10

Winter Park, FL
Chocolate poundcake: nutella mousse and hazelnut agrodolce; $6

Bar Agricole
San Francisco, CA
Chicories with hazelnuts, Jerusalem artichokes and pecorino; $16

The French Laundry
Yountville, CA
“Mimolette”: Musquee de Provence “Gnocchi a la Parisienne,” Brussels Sprouts, Hazelnuts, Black Truffle and Apricot-Reisling Emulsion; $N/A

Sweet Iron
Seattle, WA
Belgian waffle with herbed goat cheese, hazelnuts and honey; $6


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