High Liner Foods CFO Announces Retirement

(September 4, 2013)—High Liner Foods Inc. announced Chief Financial Officer Kelly Nelson will be retiring after 30 years of service. Nelson joined the company in 1984 and has served as CFO since 1990.

"Kelly and I have worked together during the past 25 years on the three phases of High Liner's development: the turnaround after the loss of 95% of the company's fishing quotas; the transformation into a customer focused, branded frozen seafood company; and the growth phase over the last 7 years. Kelly will be missed by the organization and by me", said Henry Demone, President and CEO.

High Liner has undergone extensive change and growth during Mr. Nelson's tenure. Established more than 100 years ago and formerly a vertically-integrated seafood operation, High Liner redefined itself in the mid-2000's when it sold its fishing assets to focus on processing and marketing frozen seafood. Since 2007, High Liner has made three significant acquisitions and grown its reported revenues from $256 million in 2007 to $943 million in 2012.

Nelson will continue to perform his duties as CFO until after his successor has been named and transitioned into the CFO role. The company expects this will occur during the first half of next year.


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