Hot and not: QSR ratings rank/confuse

Finally, an end to all the fisticuffs over which fast-food chain is the best.

A recent flurry of ratings, all based on consumer rankings, has settled the source of countless barroom, playground and bridge-club brawls once and for all. As the unassailable research shows, the best quickservice concept in the eyes of consumers is clearly...

Okay, hold on a minute.

The best in class is either Five Guys, Subway, In-N-Out or Chick-fil-A, depending on what survey you choose to believe. Here’s a sampling of what we mean, arranged by the ranking organization and what it selected as best. Read it, then fight amongst yourselves.

Consumer Reports
In-N-Out, best burger chain
Chick-fil-A, best chicken chain

Market Force
Five Guys, tops overall
Chick-fil-A, most frequent favorite

Five Guys, best large chain
Subway, best mega chain

Subway, most loved


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