Hot chocolate

One of the best things about cold winter weather is sipping on rich, steamy hot chocolate. From creamy cups of cocoa garnished with premium chocolate shavings to warm, spirited chocolatey cocktails, these drinks are guaranteed to make you all toasty inside.

Jacques Torres Chocolate Haven
New York City
White Mint white hot chocolate with a hint of mint; $3

Washington, DC
Chocolate Caliente: Delicious Mexican hot chocolate with sugar, cinnamon, vanilla beans, cloves and very hot milk; $4

Panini Café
Las Vegas, Nevada
Choco Chino: A chocolate and coffee mix; $2.95

Bookmarks in The Library Hotel
New York City
Hot Cocoa: Battavia Arrack liqueur, Cherry Heering, Cocoa Powder with Mini Marshmallows and freshly grated nutmeg; $13

Paris Creperie
Brookline, Massachusetts
Nutella Hot Chocolate; $2.29

Max Brenner
New York City
Choco-Pops: Hot chocolate with crunchy chocolate wafer balls. A choice of white, milk, or dark chocolate; $4.95


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