Trade in the artificial rainbow snow cones of your youth and beat the summer heat with all-natural icy treats. Here’s how some restaurants are taking shaved ice to a new level.

Cascabel Taqueria
New York, NY
Ancho chili snow cone made with a variety of chilies and fresh ginger; $2

Sno on the Go

Mission Veijo, CA
Thai Paradise sno-ball made with creamy coconut and topped with mango; $2.85

Fresher Than Fresh Snow Cones
Kansas City, KS
Espresso and Mexican cane sugar snow cone with a hint of spice and drizzled with condensed milk; $4

100% Taquito
Houston, TX
Spicy hot mango slush stopped with chile pepper; $2.49

Ulu Lanis Shave Ice
Vancouver, WA
Lahaina Hawaiian shaved ice made with pineapple, coconut and banana, then topped with a sweet cream mixture; $4.50

SinBala Restaurant
Arcadia, CA
Shaved ice mixed with red beans, green beans, grass jelly, rice balls, taro ball, boba, coconut jelly and condensed milk; $4


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