ID NEWS: Ban of Canadian beef to be lifted for certain products?

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) probably will lift border restrictions a step at a time to allow Canadian beef imports to resume, Reuters has reported. The import ban followed the discovery of an isolated case of BSE, or "mad cow disease" in Canada (ID Management Report and web news 5/29/03).

USDA is currently "working with companies where the risk is extremely low on a permitting process" for imports, U.S. Deputy Agriculture Secretary James Moseley told the news agency. He did not specify which products are viewed as low risk or when a decision will be reached.

Meanwhile, USDA has reported that the probe of the lone BSE case in Canada has indicated that five bulls from one of the potential source herds were sold to a farm in Montana in 1997. Investigators have determined that five of these bulls were probably sold to one stockyard in Montana and two in South Dakota. USDA says it believes it is "unlikely" that any of the bulls were infected with BSE.


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