ID NEWS: Kraft blazes trail in manufacturer response to obesity issues

In response to rising obesity rates around the world, Kraft Foods, Inc., Northfield, IL, says it is eliminating all in-school marketing and creating guidelines for all advertising and marketing campaigns, including efforts aimed at children, to encourage appropriate eating behaviors.

Furthermore, Kraft says it will create guidelines for nutrition characteristics of all products and provide nutrition labeling in all markets worldwide, including markets where labeling is not required. Added nutrition and or activity-related information on product labels and company websites will be made available as well. Still another approach will be to cap single-serve portion sizes.

The major branded manufacturer also announced it is forming a global council of advisors to help structure an ongoing response to the issue of obesity and to develop policies, standards, measures and timetables for implementation. "Just as obesity has many causes, it can be solved only if all sectors of society do their part to help," comments Betsy D. Holden, Kraft co-ceo.


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