ID NEWS: New supply chain food safety threat detection system unveiled

STARKVILLE, MS - Global Technology Resources (GTR) has introduced a system to detect, track and manage food safety threats across the supply chain. The new system combines patented Web-based global positioning system (GPS) technology with radio frequency identification (RFID), enabling real-time information and tracking of food assets.

"To protect consumers' health, it is vitally important to know where particular shipments of meats, vegetables and other products originated and where they've been," comments Paul Cheek, GTR president. "Our system provides a key line of defense in the event of a crisis. If contamination does occur, whether it is intentional or unintentional, we can pinpoint where contaminants entered the supply chain and isolate the problem."

GTR's system tracks food from point of origin throughout product and distribution channels to the table. In the case of fast-food chains, the system can give an immediate satellite image of the store and its surrounding market, trace the product back through the supply chain and immediately identify at what point the contamination or tampering may have occurred. It can then isolate the problem, dispatch mitigation teams and provide a third-party verification for litigation, as well as identify who is responsible for the problem.


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