ID NEWS: NFI releases Top 10 seafood list for 2002; tilapia makes gains

Per-capita seafood consumption rose by nearly a pound in 2002, to 15.6 lbs., according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Overall seafood consumption increased 7.1%. The largest gain was in fresh and frozen: 11 lbs. per capita. Canned seafood consumption was up as well, accounting for about 4.3 lbs.

Shrimp saw the largest gain: Consumption climbed to a record 3.7 lbs. per person. Canned tuna consumption increased 0.2 lbs., after a marked drop in 2001. Tilapia, which made the National Fisheries Institute (NFI) Top 10 list for the first time in 2001, garnered the no. 9 spot, just ahead of flatfish and scallops.

The increases are attributed primarily to imports, which now account for 77% of U.S. consumption. Currently, half the seafoods on the Top 10 list are cultured either in part or in total.

The Top 10 list, as compiled by Arlington, VA, based NFI by H.M. Johnson & Associates, includes, in descending order: shrimp/3.7 lbs.; canned tuna/3.1 lbs.; salmon/2.02 1 lbs.; pollock/1.12 lbs.; catfish*/1.103 lbs.; cod/0.658 lbs.; crabs/0.568 lbs.; clams/0.545 lbs.; tilapia/0.401 lbs.; and flatfish/0.317 lbs. Scallops ranked No. 11, at 0.313 lbs.

*The catfish figure reflects the change in U.S. law that prohibits imported "catfish," e.g. basa, tra, from being included in this category name.
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