ID News--Purchase Pro now 'shell'

PurchasePro, Las Vegas, once considered a top provider of B2B e-commerce solutions for the hospitality industry, has filed for bankruptcy protection and is being sold to Perfect Commerce, Palo Alto, CA, a provider of supply management software and services. This should make life easier for foodservice distributors that previously had to integrate and interface with PurchasePro in order to service customers, according to an observer.

PurchasePro will still exist as a "shell" through bankruptcy court, says Kevin Surace, ceo of Perfect Commerce; however, the Perfect Commerce name will be used.

Not long ago, the now-troubled B2B had named Networld Exchange a preferred supplier of integration technology. Networld, which had served such foodservice distributor giants as Alliant Foodservice (now part of U.S. Foodservice), and Pocahontas Foods USA, itself liquidated in March.


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