ID NEWS: Robert's Foods quadruples mix via 'Virtual Warehouse'

Robert's Foods, Springfield, IL, a broadliner writing $45 million in calendar sales, has quadrupled its nationally branded product mix service capability, through an innovative strategy under the copyrighted name, "Virtual Warehouse."

"We can now offer customers next-day delivery of almost 25,000 skus-with only 5,500 skus actually stocked here," says Dean "Robbie" Robert, Jr., president and ceo. "Customers said they wished we had a broader range of products, and now we can say we do, and our special orders have gone to nil."

Robert's Foods has achieved this feat through a unique arrangement with Dot Foods, Mt. Sterling, IL, one of the largest redistributors in the nation. With a 3:00 p.m. order cut-off time, Robert's Foods transmits orders of "virtual" items to DOT, that is, an item that the distributor does not stock itself but is stocked by DOT, located only 65 miles away. DOT integrates all the special orders and sends them to Robert's Foods in the distributor's outbound truck route sequence.
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