ID NEWS: RSI asks its suppliers to implement GTIN product identification

Restaurant Services, Inc., (RSI), Miami, an independent member-owned purchasing cooperative serving Burger King operators in the U.S., is adopting the global standards of the EAN-UCC System for product identification.

RSI has requested that suppliers of products utilized in its system identify those products via the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN). A standard of the EAN-UCC system, the GTIN enables companies to uniquely identify trade items throughout the global supply chain.

Implementation of the globally-accepted bar code standard will enable RSI and its trading partners to achieve new levels efficiency in supply chain practices, says the Uniform Code Council (UCC), Lawrenceville, NJ, a not-for-profit-organization dedicated to development and implementation of standards-based, global supply chain solutions.

To facilitate implementation, RSI President and CEO George Hoffman has recommended that its suppliers attend a seminar titled "Standard Product Identification and Bar Coding in the Foodservice Industry," presented by UCC and sponsored by Efficient Foodservice Response (EFR). "The foodservice seminars are an excellent opportunity for our suppliers to obtain valuable information on improving the ability of trading partners to exchange supply chain information in an electronic format," he notes.

UCC and EFR are sponsoring a series of regional foodservice seminars throughout the year. The one-day sessions will present standard product identification and bar code fundamentals, including how to mark and track products, manage inventory and effectively communicate product information with trading partners.

For more information, visit www.rsiweb.com or contact UCC's Cecily Laidman, (609) 620-4526.


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