ID NEWS: Sysco expands Cheesecake Factory relationship

Sysco Corp., Houston, has increased the depth of The Cheesecake Factory mix stocked by its broadliners to include two new baked dessert lines.

In March, the nation's largest distributor will launch distribution of The Dream Factory high-quality line from several locations, with planned rollout to several more broadline divisions during the year. The line encompasses 23 traditional baked desserts, including varieties of cheesecakes, layer cakes and other signature products.

In addition, starting in April, The Cheesecake Factory Bakery will produce a line of 11 upscale, premium cheesecakes and other baked desserts to be marketed exclusively under the Sysco Supreme label.

The expanded Cheesecake Factory-relationship reinforces Sysco's strategy to offer restaurant-branded products, even as it increases its own private label efforts. The front-of-the-house branded strategy received a big boost with the announcement of an exclusive distribution agreement with Starbucks Coffee Co., to offer this premium restaurant brand to independent customers (ID web news 1/22/03 and ID Management Report 1/30/03).


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