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The study, commissioned by Datassentials Research Inc., found that people readily indicate that certain supermarket delis are much better than others (50.6 percent agree strongly, while nearly 85 percent agree, at least moderately). Thus, not only are consumers able to distinguish in their minds the quality of different supermarket delis, that level of quality is often a determinant of where they do their grocery shopping in general.

But what makes one deli better than the next? When asked what would make them more likely to purchase from supermarket delis and hot food stations, the survey respondents' resounding answer was more variety. A substantial 50.8 percent of consumers state that they would be more likely to purchase food from supermarket delis and hot food stations if there were greater variety. According to this study, notes the IDDBA, deli retailers can significantly increase their business by offering a wider variety of menu options.

The IDDBA found that consumers are mostly demanding a wider variety of hot foods such as pizzas, burgers, Mexican dishes, soups and pastas. By introducing more of these types of dishes, which are commonly available at restaurants, deli retailers not only expand their menu offerings but can also expand consumer perceptions about what they can buy at the deli in addition to staple items such as cold sandwiches and deli salads.

Below are the rest of the top 10 responses to IDDBA's survey question, “What would make you more likely to purchase from supermarket delis and hot food stations?”

47.1% If they reduced their prices
38.7% If they offered more innovative dishes
36.5% If they gave me more ways to customize my order
34.9% If they offered more healthy options
34.2% If their food were more flavorful
33.6% If they had a "sandwich of the day"
30.8% If they used more interesting flavors and ingredients
26.3% If it were faster to purchase my deli / hot food items
25.8% If they improved the quality of their ingredients

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