Tips and tricks for understanding your customers and growing your restaurant business
50 Great Ideas
Rank Idea Location(s) Restaurant(s)
1 A smallwares sidewalk sale San Francisco Cotonga; Quince
2 Deliver a taste of catering Multiple locations Roti; Chick-fil-A
3 Butcher paper menus are on a roll N/A N/A
4 Chef for a night Multiple locations Benihana
5 Service in sign language Toronto Signs

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Complaints are relatively unavoidable in restaurants. But how operators—and their staff—handle issues often dictates consumers’ brand perception, as well as their willingness to return. According to...

Social Media

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Consumer Trends

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After about 10 years of using on-site builds, Checkers and Rally’s are diversifying their prototypes with new options, including a shipping container build. The sister chains recently announced the...