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50 Great Ideas
Rank Idea Location(s) Restaurant(s)
1 A smallwares sidewalk sale San Francisco Cotonga; Quince
2 Deliver a taste of catering Multiple locations Roti; Chick-fil-A
3 Butcher paper menus are on a roll N/A N/A
4 Chef for a night Multiple locations Benihana
5 Service in sign language Toronto Signs

In the face of high rent and a competitive real estate market, it’s a trend we’re likely to keep seeing from chains: shrinking footprints. But the idea of small stores isn’t new—beverage-focused...


Complaints are relatively unavoidable in restaurants. But how operators—and their staff—handle issues often dictates consumers’ brand perception, as well as their willingness to return. According to...

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Providing exclusive consumer trends and insights to enhance your marketing strategy. Powered by Technomic . “Technomic is a Chicago-based consulting and research firm providing a 360° view of the...


The quick-service pizza industry has changed tremendously in the quarter century since Toppers Pizza delivered its first pie. With that in mind, the Wisconsin-based chain is redesigning its units...

10 Groundbreaking Concepts
Eatsa Interior
The restaurant industry as a whole may be slow to adopt technology, but Eatsa has embraced it full force, being lauded as a fully automated restaurant...
Maple delivery
“We’ve experienced an almost decade-long wave of innovation fueled by technology across all industries,” says Caleb Merkl, co-founder and CEO of Maple,...
The Innovation and Design Building
Providing dining options for a mile-long office building full of creative tenants meant thinking outside the box—or inside the box, in this case.But the...