Inspiration for running your restaurant business more successfully

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Here are some crafty ways to boost traffic, cut lines and make drive-thru patrons more comfortable.

Restaurant historians aren’t likely to devote a separate chapter to the developments of 2015, though the year was a watershed in many respects. The currents were subtle, more of the evolutionary than...

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The Donald wasn’t the only one who changed the conversation and set heads wagging with his disruptive actions. The restaurant industry had its share of game-changers, too.


A number of high-profile chefs opened new outposts during 2015 to answer the question, What’s next? Here’s a look at those and other 2015 restaurant openings worth noting.

50 Great Ideas

The RB staff combed through hundreds of great ideas before whittling down the collection to 50. It was even harder to pick favorites, but the editors put these on the top of the list.

Cities that once seemed like culinary backwaters are now rivaling the likes of New York and San Francisco in the eyes of sport-dining travelers.

This fall brings with it a slew of restaurant openings from notable members of the industry, including those below. Just don’t ask them to nail down an opening date quite yet. The Crack Shack, San...

Millennials aren’t the only consumers making ripples in the restaurant industry this month. To please parents as well as Gen Zers, operators are taking a look at what they offer various age groups...

The ongoing drought in California and resulting usage restrictions are forcing operators to examine how much water is coming out of the faucet and to look for ways to slow the flow. While the “water...

Michael Mina’s next restaurant is a bit different than the 24 high-end and polished-casual concepts his Mina Group has opened to success and fame in San Francisco, Miami, Las Vegas and beyond. For...