Inspiration for running your restaurant business more successfully

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A growing venture started by former executives of the retail giant and backed by Costco's founder was shaped by lessons learned from the big-box leader.

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Menu specialization and new competition streams, among other factors, will transform restaurants over the next decade, Technomic says.

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With a slew of new concepts inspired by television shows, this restaurant inspiration du jour is on a path to reach critical mass.

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Often, it’s tapping into smaller, emerging currents that helps restaurants stay ahead. Here’s a look at trends impacting the industry now and in the future.

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Our newest installment of concepts to watch looks at elevated movie theater dining, a barbecue place with plans for a 50-foot Ferris wheel and the expansion of Roy Choi’s quick-service spot.

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Try these clever ideas to boost your summer business.

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Tote bags and food samples weren’t the only gems picked up on the floor of the National Restaurant Association Show. Here are a few new terms of the trade overheard at this year’s show from restaurant industry experts, insiders and observers.

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It's not all about clean labels or the menu.

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At the NRA Show, executives shared several new realities of the business that are changing the way restaurants are run.

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This year’s Taste the Trends tour landed the group at Imperial Lamian, the first U.S. restaurant from Indonesia-based Imperial Group. Even just out of the gate, there are a number of ideas other operators can steal.