IFDA, FMI Recognize Goodlatte and Nickles for Industry Service

WASHINGTON, DC - U.S. Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) and Sen. Don Nickles (R-OK) were honored Sept. 22 at a ceremony hosted by the International Foodservice Distributors Association (IFDA), a trade group representing foodservice distributors, and the Food Marketing Institute (FMI), a trade group representing food retailers and wholesalers.

Goodlatte, who serves as Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, and Nickles, Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, were presented with the food distribution industry's 2004 Thomas Jefferson Award for Distinguished Service for their work on a number of key issues. Goodlatte was recognized for his leadership and support of voluntary country of origin labeling, a profoundly important issue to the food industry. Nickles, who is retiring after four terms in the Senate, was recognized for his longstanding commitment to a free enterprise agenda including his groundbreaking work to repeal the 2001 ergonomics standard and his stalwart support for repeal of the estate tax.

This award for "distinguished service" is presented to a House and Senate Member who have exemplified free-market values and supported issues that are of the highest priority to the food distribution industry. In addition, Thomas Jefferson Awards were presented to 48 Senators and 225 Representatives who have voted consistently in support of sound fiscal policy and other free-market principles crucial to the health of the food distribution industry and the nation's economy as a whole. (Click to see full list of House


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