IJ Taps Amphire Reconcile Software

"As our business continues to evolve, we see Reconcile as one of the tools that enable that evolution," said Vince Keller, ceo of broadliner, which was also awarded the 2003 ID GDO Award. "Amphire's supply chain solutions continue to support our quest to provide ever higher levels of service and visibility to our customers."

According to the Redwood Shores, CA-based software provider, by leveraging the functionality built into Reconcile, IJ can collaborate online with its trading partners to create, store, edit and manage contracted prices and rebates to ensure transaction and contractual compliance. Furthermore, the company noted, because Reconcile is built on Amphire's order management applications, transactional data is validated against contract terms at the time the operator order transaction occurs, highlighting price and compliance issues before they become repeat problems.

"Reconcile represents our continuing drive to provide our customers the strategic tools they need to streamline their supply chain operations," said Mark Barnekow, president and ceo of Amphire. "Through the strength of our order management applications and data synchronization tools, we have built a solid transactional foundation that allows such complex problems as cross supply-chain contract management and implementation to be solved with a minimum of manual intervention, audits, and data consistency problems. In addition, because the product is based on emerging industry open standards for contract terms, our application has the ability to seamlessly communicate with contract repositories within enterprise systems."


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