Import shortage of tomatoes in United States

(Nov. 24, 2009)—It is expected that the demand for tomatoes in the United States will be higher than the supply till at least the middle of December. This is according to traders in the American publication The Packer. This could influence the demand for Dutch tomatoes grown under artificial light. The prices on the American market have risen markedly. The American ministry of agriculture USDA, has reported that the prices for tomatoes during November were 30% higher than during November 2008.

The supply from Florida is not large, whilst demand will increase next week because of Thanksgiving. Efforts are being made by various parties to obtain volumes from the west coast, but supply from California is also decreasing quickly.

The Dutch trading company Levarht confirms a good demand for Dutch tomatoes and the outlook for next week is also positive. However, a spokesman mentioned that no spectacular quantities are exported to the United States. "Much depends on Mexico and when production will start there."


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