Bone luge

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50 Great Ideas
23Bone luge

First dinner guests enjoy scraping succulent marrow from a cross-cut bone, then they use the hollowed-out chute to pour beer or booze into their mouths. “The bone luge is a cool idea,” says Ryan Kenkel, assistant manager at Under Attic, a saloon below Attic Restaurant in San Mateo, California. Under Attic offers three versions: Triple Madre is spiced with pico de gallo, served with tortilla chips and washed down with Tecate beer and a shot of tequila; the Ivan Drago features tobiko caviar with Baltika lager and a shot of vodka; and the smoked salt Wild Wild West comes with a can of Budweiser and shot of whiskey. They are priced $15 each, $40 for all three.

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