Open-ocean aquaculture

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50 Great Ideas
38Open-ocean aquaculture

When aquaculture began reaching critical mass three decades ago, it was heralded as the sustainable solution to overfishing. But with overcrowded pens, disease, pollution and escaped fish diluting gene pools, farmed fish soon lost their halo. Recently the aquaculture industry had a great idea. The Velella Mariculture Project is the world’s first “unanchored free-drifting oceanic fish culture system.” Pens in the open ocean are allowed to float on the current with no bottom contact, so the fish leave no accumulation of affluent. Kampachi fish, raised in a pen drifting on ocean currents three to 75 miles off the Big Island of Hawaii, are fed a diet of soy and other alternative proteins, without the use of pesticides, antibiotics or hormones.

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