Industry Groups to Co-Host Food Safety Conference in DC

This event will connect restaurant-and-foodservice operators and food suppliers, distributors, retailers and wholesalers, as well as regulators and government officials to discuss food safety and security issues throughout the supply chain, according to the organizers.

"Food safety is non-negotiable and a critically important part of restaurant-and-foodservice operations," said Steven C. Anderson, MRA president and chief executive officer. "The conference will allow food safety professionals to network, share information, exchange ideas and develop solutions to the complex challenges that affect the food safety environment in the United States."

The conference will offer a broad overview of critical food safety issues, implementation strategies, and integration of safety, quality and security. Key program sessions include an update on food safety regulatory requirements; business continuity and pandemic planning; allergen control; a CEO panel discussion; and commodity-specific breakout sessions on meat and poultry, seafood and produce.

The keynote speaker is Alfonso Martinez-Fonts, Jr., assistant secretary, Private Sector Office, Department of Homeland Security. Other speakers include officials from the Department of Agriculture, the Food and Drug Administration, National Restaurant Association/NRAEF, FMI, and leading food and food safety companies.

The conference will take place at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in downtown Washington, DC. A full schedule of the conference, as well as information on how to register, is available on the conference's website, www.foodsafetysupplychain.com.


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