It's check up time

We all have annual obligations that we dread — teeth cleanings, doctor's visits, tax preparations, etc. Performance evaluations tend to fall into this category of unpleasantries, too... but they shouldn't.  There's no better tool to help employees in their self-development than an evaluation. In a professionally administered Annual Performance Evaluation, an employee completes a self-evaluation and is rated by both peers and supervisor on both citizenship and specific job performance criteria.

The main goal is to provide a recap of an employee's performance throughout the past year, not just in response to recent events. It also provides a time to sit down with the employee individually and gain valuable feed back as it relates to each employee's feelings regarding the job he performs.

This is an important event.
You're making judgments and decisions about another person's future. Performance reviews require honesty and sensitivity in order to be effective, and feedback skills are very important. Don't give in to personality judgments and unconscious favoritism. Employees will respond better when they know everyone is judged by the same standards.

Be consistent and patient.
Seeing the positive results from performance reviews can take time. It's tempting to allow other priorities to interfere, but the performance review must be given precedence. It can be the single most significant interaction between you and your employee. If you strive for a stable work force, treat your employees like professionals. Formal evaluations send the message that you value your employees.

We've outlined some of the key steps for conducting a performance evaluation, and provided a downloadable list of sample questions to incorporate into your own evaluations.

For our complete Trade Secrets customizable Employee Performance Evaluation System, which includes an annual performance evaluation, cross evaluations, protocols, and ready-to-use forms, visit our on-line store or call 800.858.7876.


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