A jarring presentation

Desserts clad in glass jars are a sweet way to make a grand finale. This latest trend in serving up treats is nostalgic, portable, recyclable and a big seller.

Dirt Candy, New York, NY

At this East Village vegetarian eatery, the signature dessert-in-a-jar is Popcorn Pudding with Salted Caramel Popcorn. "We thought it would be great if our customers could see into the serving vessel," explains chef-owner Amanda Cohen on the motivation behind the fun, attention-sparking presentation. "People always want to know what is in the jar."

The Deli at Little Dom's Restaurant, Los Angeles, CA

Seasonally flavored panna cottas, rice puddings and budinos jiggle just right in 5-ounce jam jars that offer more than eye appeal—they also function as the perfect to-go container and are positive for the planet. To encourage recycling, customers who return the jars to the deli receive a $1 credit towards their next purchase. Pastry Chef Ann Kirk says that even with a refund, customers can't resist keeping the small jewel jars: "They love the jars and want to use them at home…either way they are getting used again, which is great."

Decadence Gourmet Cheesecake, Grand Junction, CO

These individually portioned "cheesecakes-in-a-jar" are baked right in the serving vessel and are available in 15 unique flavors, including tiramisu, chocolate chai and several vineyard-inspired variations, such as pear chardonnay and port fig. Decadence currently sells the jars wholesale to restaurants in western Colorado and surrounding states, as well as Northern and Southern California.


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