Johnny Rockets ups bid for millennials with Johnny’s Burger Factory

Johnny Rockets will this week open the first outpost of Johnny’s Burger Factory, a fast-casual concept designed to entice millennial diners, the quick-service burger company said.

The restaurant, opening Saturday in a Buffalo, New York, mall, seeks to satisfy millennials’ desire for fast service alongside a high-quality meal, Johnny Rockets said. Such technology as a video wall and a digital menu board resembling a chalkboard seek to engage customers, who will place their orders using a touchscreen kiosk.

“Every detail about the development of Johnny’s Burger Factory, from the first design to construction, product development and marketing had a new kind of consumer in mind,” Chief Executive Officer Charles Bruce said. “It’s not possible to ignore millennials and still be competitive in the better burger category.”

Following the lead of other burger chains, customization is a cornerstone of the new concept. Diners will be able to choose between a beef patty, chicken tenders and a veggie patty when constructing their burgers, in addition to having their choice of sauces from a self-serve “sauce bar,” Chief Marketing Officer Joel Bulger said.

Appealing to millennials’ thirst for a brew with their burger, the concept will also offer a selection of craft and mass-market beer, in addition to wine. 


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