Kennebec Potatoes

They may sound like potatoes the President may eat while on vacation at Kennebunkport, but these tubers are becoming quite popular on menus, getting mentions from coast to coast. What is a Kennebec potato anyway? Oval in shape with thin, light tan skin and unmarked, white flesh, Kennebec potatoes peel easily and look pretty on the plate. Bred by the USDA in 1941 in Maine, the plant grows quickly with high yields, stores well and is ideal for a variety of recipes, including french fries and chips.

Neely’s Barbecue Parlor
New York, N.Y.
Hand-cut Kennebec Fries; $4.75

The Industry
Philadelphia, Pa.
Kennebec Shoestring Fries; $4

Bluestem Brasserie
San Francisco, Calif.
Kennebec Fries; $6

Hot & Rocks
San Francisco, Calif.
Kennebec Fries, egg yolk glaze or spiced; $7.50

Deschutes Brewery Bend Public House
Portland, Ore.
Kennebec Pub Fries: House cut Kennebec fries with sea salt and black pepper with red pepper dipping sauce; $5

Tillmann’s Roadhouse
Fort Worth, Tex.
Trio of Fries: Parmesan Kennebec, chili dusted purple, smoked salt sweet fries, housemade ketchup, horseradish pickle mayo; $12


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