A la Plancha

Cooking "a la plancha" is virtually smoke-free, energy efficient and sears like a dream—it’s not hard to see why this technique has become so popular lately. Many ingredients benefit from a little time on these traditional Spanish flattops, from tender green beans to hearty beef tenderloin.

Pomodoro Ristorante Italiano
Seattle, WA
Calamares a la Plancha, with olive oil and sea salt; $8.95

La Fonda Del Sol
New York City
Sole a la Plancha with kumquats, saffron, basque peppers; $29

Washington, DC
Pimientos Del Piquillo a la Plancha (peppers seared with sea salt); $7

Malaga Wine and Tapas Bar
Austin, TX
Lomo a la Plancha; olive oil marinated beef tenderloin seared and served with roasted garlic aioli; $9.50

Atlanta, GA
Chicken livers a la Plancha with fig molasses; $6.95

La Paella
Los Angeles, CA
Gambas (whole shrimp) a la Plancha with lemon; $7.75


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