Labor group demands McDonald’s leave the NRA

The Restaurant Opportunities Center said it has filed a resolution as a shareholder of McDonald’s that would force the franchisor to stop paying dues and providing any lobbying support to the National Restaurant Association, an opponent of restaurant unionization.

The measure, apparently submitted at McDonald’s Corp.’s annual shareholder meeting yesterday, mandates that the company’s political contributions align with its stated core values. Those principles include a pledged “commitment to nurturing employees, ethical business, and giving back to our communities,” ROC said in a press release announcing the move.

ROC has often squared off with McDonald’s and the NRA both directly and through affiliated parties like the Fight for $15, a union-backed group striving to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. ROC tried to disrupt the NRA’s convention in Chicago earlier this week by having representatives in the crowd stand and yell criticism of the industry.

Neither the NRA nor McDonald’s has publicly responded to the ROC filing.


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