Cain on Cain: 'Not dead yet'

Herman Cain still has a chance of becoming the Republican Party's candidate in the 2012 presidential race, the campaign dropout argued in a speech opening the Restaurant Leadership Conference.

Cain sketched out a scenario where a frontrunner like Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich couldn’t muster enough delegates during the first two rounds of voting at the Party's annual convention to clinch the nomination. If that were to happen, explained Cain, other party leaders would likely step forward to seek the nomination.

He indicated that he would be one of them.

It’s not a hypothetical situation, Cain added.

"It is entirely possible that Mitt Romney could go to the convention with the race not sewn up," he said with characteristic emphasis.

If another candidate gets the nod, Cain would consider an appointment as Secretary of State. But, he quickly added, "I ain't looking for no job."

Cain also commented that Romney or Gingrich could likely beat Obama.


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